The Influence of Green Roofs on Runoff Water Quality: A Case Study from Estonia

  title={The Influence of Green Roofs on Runoff Water Quality: A Case Study from Estonia},
  author={Alar Teemusk and {\"U}lo Mander},
  journal={Water Resources Management},
This paper describes the runoff water quality of Light Weight Aggregates (LWA)-based extensive green roofs and sod roofs in Estonia. Samples were taken from August 2004 to April 2009 from 10 different green roofs to determine what level of water quality may be found. The results presented here show that green roofs influenced water quality to a considerable degree. The runoff water of LWA-based green roofs generally had higher values of pH, BOD7, TP and PO4-P than that from sod roofs. However… 
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  • H. Chai, Yue Tang, Qiang He
  • Medicine, Environmental Science
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • 2018
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