The Influence of Fantasy Proneness, Dissociation, and Vividness of Mental Imagery on Male’s Aggressive Sexual Fantasies

  title={The Influence of Fantasy Proneness, Dissociation, and Vividness of Mental Imagery on Male’s Aggressive Sexual Fantasies},
  author={Ross M. Bartels and Leigh Harkins and Anthony Beech},
  journal={Journal of Interpersonal Violence},
  pages={964 - 987}
Many researchers have studied the prevalence and content of men’s aggressive sexual fantasies, including their link with rape-supportive cognition. However, little to no research has examined the link between imaginal ability and the use of such fantasies. Based on existing research and theory, we propose that men who hold hostile beliefs toward women will use aggressive sexual fantasies more often if they possess a greater ability to engage in a “rich fantasy life.” Operationally, we argue… 

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