The Infantilization of the Postmodern Adult and the Figure of Kidult

  title={The Infantilization of the Postmodern Adult and the Figure of Kidult},
  author={J. Bernardini},
  journal={Postmodern Openings},
  • J. Bernardini
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • Postmodern Openings
  • Being young today is no longer a transitory stage, but rather a choice of life, well established and brutally promoted by the media system. While the classic paradigms of adulthood and maturation could interpret such infantile behavior as a symptom of deviance, such behavior has become a model to follow, an ideal of fun and being carefree, present in a wide variety of contexts of society. The contemporary adult follows a sort of thoughtful immaturity, a conscious escape from the… CONTINUE READING
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