The Indus Script--Write or Wrong?

  title={The Indus Script--Write or Wrong?},
  author={Andrew Lawler},
  pages={2026 - 2029}
For 130 years scholars have struggled to decipher the Indus script. Now, in a proposal with broad academic and political implications, a brash outsider claims that such efforts are doomed to failure because the Indus symbols are not writing. 
Commentary and Discussion: Entropy, the Indus Script, and Language: A Reply to R. Sproat
A more accurate description of the authors' work is presented, the straw man argument used in Sproat (2010) is pointed out, and a more complete characterization of the Indus script debate is provided. Expand
Determining Statistical Signatures for Undeciphered Scripts and Corpora : the case of the Indus Valley Signs
The paper first makes an assessment of a number of arguments about the linguistic or purely semiotic status of the Indus Valley Signs. A ccording to the author it is hard to believe that a wellExpand
A Refutation of the Claimed Refutation of the Nonlinguistic Nature of Indus Symbols: Invented Data Sets in the Statistical Paper of Rao et al. (Science, 2009)
The paper in Science on 23 April by Rao et al. [1] was written in response to an article that the three of us published five years ago that has led to heated polemics over India’s oldest urbanExpand
Assumptions: After Contact
Contact optimists have tended to assume that alien messages would be relatively easy to understand. The communication of quite complicated information is not very difficult, claimed Sagan, even forExpand
Commentary and Discussion Reply to Rao et al . and Lee et al .
In the last issue of this journal, I presented a piece that called into question some of the techniques reported in two papers in high-profile journals that purported to provide statistical evidenceExpand
The Danube Script and Other Ancient Writing Systems : A Typology of Distinctive Features
ness and stylization of sign forms In any of the ancient writing systems, a tendency toward the stylization of sign forms can be observed. This tendency toward stylization may be explained by a needExpand
The Rhetoric of Violence, Religion, and Purity in India’s Cow Protection Movement
In India there has been a recent increase in violence and intolerance towards people who eat beef. While India has a fairly wide Cow Protection Act that bars the slaughter of female cows and calves,Expand
On statistical measures and ancient writing systems
An article published in Language (Sproat 2014a) questions our findings on the Indus script and Pictish symbols published in the journals Science (Rao et al. 2009a), PNAS (Rao et al. 2009b), IEEEExpand
Reply to Rao et al. and Lee et al.
  • R. Sproat
  • Computer Science
  • Computational Linguistics
  • 2010
The authors of two papers that purported to provide statistical evidence for the linguistic status of some ancient symbol systems took issue with a number of my claims, and have requested the opportunity to respond. Expand
The “handedness” of language: Directional symmetry breaking of sign usage in words
This study shows that the occurrence probability distributions of signs at the left and right ends of words have a distinct heterogeneous nature and uses the existence of this asymmetry to infer the direction of writing in undeciphered inscriptions that agrees with the archaeological evidence. Expand