The Indo-Pacific Loggerhead Turtle in Tasmanian Waters

  title={The Indo-Pacific Loggerhead Turtle in Tasmanian Waters},
  author={E. O. G. Scott and B. C. Mollison},
THERE appears to be only one published record of a chelonian in Tasmania1, that of a leathery turtle, Dermochelys coriacea (Linné, 1766), which came ashore at Fortescue Bay in March 1889 (specimen in Tasmanian Museum, Hobart). From unpublished information supplied by Mr. John Fazackerly, it seems probable a large turtle observed by him to emerge from the sea at this locality in or about 1945 was a second example of this species. 
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Chapter 2. Vulnerability of marine turtles to climate change.
Marine turtles are generally viewed as vulnerable to climate change because of the role that temperature plays in the sex determination of embryos, their long life history, long age-to-maturity andExpand