The Indian Journal of Medical Research

  title={The Indian Journal of Medical Research},
  journal={The Indian Medical Gazette},
  pages={399 - 399}
  • Published 1 October 1913
  • Medicine
  • The Indian Medical Gazette
Evolution of predictive model for Dengue incidence by using machine learning algorithms
A Predictive model for the dengue incidence and its prevalence has been proposed by considering Kerala state's Dengue data and the machine learning algorithms employed for the prediction were Linear Regression, SVR and Kernel Ridge.
Effects of exercise training on cytokines and adipokines in multiple sclerosis
There is a general lack of standardization of procedures across studies and inconsistent evidence for the effects of physical activity and exercise on cytokine and adipokine profiles in MS, with a general pattern indicating a lack of effect.
Melatonin improves the therapeutic role of mesenchymal stem cells in diabetic rats
It can be concluded that co-treatment of stem cells and melatonin has a significant role in restoring the structural and functional efficiency of β-cells in the pancreas more than stem cells alone.
A Review on Tridax Procumbens
This review focus on folk occurrence and the wide pharmacological activities like hepatoprotective activity, antiinflammatory, wound healing, antidiabetic activity, hypotensive effect, immunomodulating property, bronchial catarrh, dysentery, diarrhea and to prevent falling of hair.
Determinants of utilization of maternity benefit schemes among mothers in urban slums of Davangere city, Karnataka, India -
Overall the utilization of various maternity benefit schemes is poor among beneficiaries, and mothers and their husband’s literacy status, occupation of mother, type of family, socioeconomic status are the important factors that affect utilization ofVarious schemes.
Using automated voice calls to improve adherence to iron supplements during pregnancy: a pilot study
It is concluded that automated calls deserve further consideration for reducing maternal anemia, and the lessons learned for the benefit of future interventions are shared.
Promising FDA-approved drugs with efflux pump inhibitory activities against clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus
To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report that shows that diclofenac sodium, glyceryl trinitrate and domperidone have efflux pump inhibitory activities against S. aureus.
Health Care Provision in State Institutions in the Context Of COVID-19
The analysis showed a lower level of remuneration of specialists and a worse financial situation of health care facilities subordinated to the Department of Medical and Biological Protection and Occupational Safety of the SES of Ukraine during 2017-2022.
A obesidade é definida pelo excesso de gordura corporal acumulada no tecido adiposo quando o indivíduo atinge valores de IMC igual ou superior a 30 Kg/m2. Constitui um dos principais fatores de risco