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The Index Number Problem: A Dierential Geometric Approach.

  title={The Index Number Problem: A Dierential Geometric Approach.},
  author={Pia Malaney},
The first part of this thesis looks at issues in index number theory. By using techniques developed in differential geometry, it is shown that the socalled index number problem can be resolved by the development of a special economic derivative operator constructed for this purpose. This derivative is shown to give rise to a unique differential geometric index number which is then demonstrated to equal the Divisia index. It is then shown in the second chapter (co-authored with Eric Weinstein… 
Divisia price and quantity indices: 80 years after
This paper reviews and extends the theory of price and quantity indices which are defined as line integrals, the two types being those of Divisia and Montgomery. The properties of these indices are
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We have embedded the classical theory of stochastic finance into a differential geometric framework called Geometric Arbitrage Theory and show that it is possible to: --Write arbitrage as curvature
Geometric Arbitrage Theory and Market Dynamics
We have embedded the classical theory of stochastic finance into a differential geometric framework called Geometric Arbitrage Theory and show that it is possible to: --Write arbitrage as curvature
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When the ‘law of one price’ fails to hold between trading partners, they may find it difficult to measure the balance of trade due to the inherent currency discrepancy. This may be of particular
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Written in the classical tradition this essay attempts to determine what can be made of the classical framework in solving problems of distribution accumulation and growth first in a closed and then
exhibited. We present axiom systems for indexes of several economic variables: inputs, outputs, prices, wages, inflation, and technological change. In addition to conventional smoothness and
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ing the description in terms of neighborhoods is not a great chore. If f : X -. Y we say that f is continuous at x e X if for every neighborhood V (<--> a neighborhood) of y = fx there is a
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T vHE purpose of this paper is to suggest that an important class of reactions of individuals to risk can be rationalized by a rather simple extension of orthodox utility analysis. Individuals
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IN PRESENTING his estimates of "la richesse territoriale de France," Antoine Lavoisier [100, 1791] pointed out that the object of such estimation is to furnish "a veritable thermometer of national