The Indeterministic Behavior of Scoped Memory in Real-Time Java*


The memory model used in the Real-Time Specz3cation for Java (RTSJ) includes both a heap within a traditional garbage collectol: which collects the not used objects, and a new memoly management feature based on scoped memoly areas. The scoped memory areas model allows programmers to ensure constant-time reclamation thus to have predictable pe$ormance. In order to maintain the pointer safety of Java RmJ imposes strict assignment rules to or fiom memoty areas preventing the creation of dangling pointers, at the cost of an unfamiliar programming model. The guide lines given by RTSJ to implement the assignment rules also increase the program complexity; more over, makes indeteminist the program behavior. In order to sobe theseproblem, we propose to redefine some RTSJ rules.

DOI: 10.1109/AICCSA.2006.205160

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