The Incidental Orgasm: The Presence of Clitoral Knowledge and the Absence of Orgasm for Women

  title={The Incidental Orgasm: The Presence of Clitoral Knowledge and the Absence of Orgasm for Women},
  author={Lisa Wade and Emily C Kremer and Jessica Brown},
  journal={Women \& Health},
  pages={117 - 138}
ABSTRACT Women report anorgasmia and other difficulties achieving orgasm. One approach to alleviating this problem is to teach women about the clitoris. This assumes that women lack information about the clitoris and that knowledge about the clitoris is correlated with orgasm. Using a non-random sample of 833 undergraduate students, our study investigates both assumptions. First, we test the amount of knowledge about the clitoris, the reported sources of this knowledge, and the correlation… 
Can we treat anorgasmia in women? The challenge to experiencing pleasure
A consistent finding in the literature has been that only about half of the women experiencing orgasm difficulties also report associated distress. This may suggest that orgasms are less important
Are Women’s Orgasms Hindered by Phallocentric Imperatives?
Findings indicate that certain sexual scripts help explain the orgasm discrepancy between WSW and WSM, and discuss masturbation as another male-centered practice that may be relevant to this gap, as well as implications for intervention and future research.
Female Multiple Orgasm: An Exploratory Internet-Based Survey
This research provides to date the most comprehensive picture of female multiple orgasm and helps refine the conceptual understanding of this phenomenon.
The Experience of Orgasmic Pleasure during Partnered and Masturbatory Sex in Women with and without Orgasmic Difficulty
Pleasure during masturbation was associated with higher age, frequency of masturbation, and shorter latencies to orgasm, suggesting that pleasure during masturbating was related to greater experience with masturbation and greater efficiency in reaching orgasm.
When, If, and How: Young Women Contend With Orgasmic Absence
Examining how women described this absence of orgasm in their sexual experiences with male partners found that young women’s explanations allowed them to reduce feelings of abnormality and enabled them to distance themselves from sexual expectations regarding the perceived value of orgasm.
Masturbation Practices of Men and Women with Upper Limb Motor Disabilities
Masturbation is a little-discussed topic but an ubiquitous reality. Masturbation practices are multidimensional and influenced by sociocultural, religious, physical and psychological factors. The
When Orgasms Do Not Equal Pleasure: Accounts of "Bad" Orgasm Experiences During Consensual Sexual Encounters.
Orgasms during consensual sex are often assumed to be wholly positive experiences. This assumption overshadows the possibility that orgasm experiences during consensual sex could be "bad" (i.e.,
Self-reported reasons for having difficulty reaching orgasm during partnered sex: relation to orgasmic pleasure
Regression analysis indicated that the reasons most frequently endorsed by women were not necessarily those accounting for the greater variance in orgasmic pleasure, such reasons including inhibition/lack of interest, insufficient experience and partner-related issues.


Kept Under the Hood: Neglect of the Clitoris in Common Vernacular
Even though the “clitoris” is the organ homologous to the “penis,” this term may not be commonly used as the female counterpart to the penis. We conducted three studies to examine the usage of
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Although males reported more frequent activity than females on all items of assessment, the difference between groups, with the exception of masturbation, was not significant.
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It is clear that British students hold divergent opinions about which behaviors do and do not constitute having sex, and the age-related trends merit further exploration.
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This survey of sexual practices in the United States has been combed by the media for items of interest to the public: monogamous sex is much more widespread in this country than has been thought;
The sexual practices of adolescent virgins: genital sexual activities of high school students who have never had vaginal intercourse.
Few high school-aged virgins engaged in anal intercourse, but many engaged in other genital sexual activities that can transmit disease, and all can indicate a need for counseling about sexual decision making, risk, and prevention.
Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence
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    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1980
In its first issue (Autumn 1975), Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society published Carroll Smith-Rosenberg's now classic article, "The Female World of Love and Ritual: Relations between Women