The Improved Training Algorithm of Back Propagation Neural Network with Self-adaptive Learning Rate

  title={The Improved Training Algorithm of Back Propagation Neural Network with Self-adaptive Learning Rate},
  author={Y. Li and Y. Fu and H. Li and S. Zhang},
  journal={2009 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing},
  • Y. Li, Y. Fu, +1 author S. Zhang
  • Published 2009
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing
This paper addresses the questions of improving convergence performance for back propagation (BP) neural network. For traditional BP neural network algorithm, the learning rate selection is depended on experience and trial. In this paper, based on Taylor formula the function relationship between the total quadratic training error change and connection weights and biases changes is obtained, and combined with weights and biases changes in batch BP learning algorithm, the formula for self… Expand
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