The Importance of Individual Differences in Pornography Use: Theoretical Perspectives and Implications for Treating Sexual Offenders

  title={The Importance of Individual Differences in Pornography Use: Theoretical Perspectives and Implications for Treating Sexual Offenders},
  author={Drew A. Kingston and Neil M Malamuth and Paul Fedoroff and William L. Marshall},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
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This article reviews the extant literature regarding pornography's influence on antisocial attitudes, sexual arousal, and sexually aggressive behavior in both noncriminal and criminal samples. The article concludes that when examined in the context of multiple, interacting factors, the findings are highly consistent across experimental and nonexperimental studies and across differing populations in showing that pornography use can be a risk factor for sexually aggressive outcomes, principally… 
Pornography Use and Sexual Coercion: Examining the Mediation Effect of Sexual Arousal
Results indicated those young adults that consume pornography more frequently were more likely to experience higher levels of sexual arousal to the erotic video than those who reported little or no use, but after controlling for several variables significantly related to sexual coercion, arousal did not mediate willingness to engage in verbal or illegal sexual coercive behaviors.
Pornography, Masculinity, and Sexual Aggression on College Campuses
Past research has indicated that there is a relationship between pornography consumption and sexually aggressive behavior. This study sought to expand an understanding of that relationship by
A Meta-Analysis of Pornography Consumption and Actual Acts of Sexual Aggression in General Population Studies
Whether pornography consumption is a reliable correlate of sexually aggressive behavior continues to be debated. Meta-analyses of experimental studies have found effects on aggressive behavior and
Pornography, Individual Differences in Risk and Men’s Acceptance of Violence Against Women in a Representative Sample
Based on the Confluence Model of Sexual Aggression, we hypothesized that individual differences in risk for sexual aggression moderate the association between pornography use and attitudes supporting
Use of Pornography with Sex Offenders in Treatment: A Controversial Conundrum
I write this article and literature review to address the issue of incorporating pornography into sex offender treatment programs. I was asked the above question by a handful of probation who
Pornography Viewing among Fraternity Men: Effects on Bystander Intervention, Rape Myth Acceptance and Behavioral Intent to Commit Sexual Assault
College men's exposure to pornography is nearly universal, with growing viewing rates nationwide. Substantial research documents the harmful effects of mainstream, sadomasochistic, and rape
Problems with Aggregate Data and the Importance of Individual Differences in the Study of Pornography and Sexual Aggression: Comment on Diamond, Jozifkova, and Weiss (2010)
The influence of pornography on attitudes and behaviors has been a longstanding question that has provoked considerable debate among researchers (Malamuth,Addison, & Koss,2000; Marshall, 2000).
Exposure to Harsh Parenting and Pornography as Explanations for Males’ Sexual Coercion and Females’ Sexual Victimization
Investigation of the extent to which exposure to harsh parenting practices and sexually explicit materials contributes to perpetration and victimization of college students indicates that frequent corporal punishment in the family of origin combined with consumption of pornographic materials increased the probability that males reported engaging in coercive sexual practices.
Pornography, Sex Crime, and Paraphilia
The confluence of predisposing factors and pornography use are considered as issues requiring clinical judgment in the reduction of sexual aggression and management of paraphilic interest in children.
Testing the Confluence Model of the Association Between Pornography Use and Male Sexual Aggression: A Longitudinal Assessment in Two Independent Adolescent Samples from Croatia.
This study found no evidence that impersonal sexuality and pornography use increased the odds of subsequently reporting sexual aggression-regardless of participants' predisposed risk.


Pornography and teenagers: the importance of individual differences.
The research suggests that particular concerns may be needed for those who are highly frequent consumers of pornography, those who seek out sexually violent content, and those who also have other risk factors.
Sexual Aggression and Pornography: A Review of Correlational Research
Ongoing concern about effects of sexually explicit materials includes the role of such material in sex offenses. issues include sex offenders' experiences with pornography and the link between
Revisiting the use of pornography by sexual offenders: Implications for theory and practice
Abstract Summary: This article examines the extant research on the use of pornography by sexual offenders and some of the debates engendered by such use. The analyses should assist in clarifying a
Pornography and Sexual Aggression: Are There Reliable Effects and Can We Understand Them?
It is suggested that the way relatively aggressive men interpret and react to the same pornography may differ from that of nonaggressive men, a perspective that helps integrate the current analyses with studies comparing rapists and nonrapists as well as with cross-cultural research.
A Meta-Analysis Summarizing the Effects of Pornography II Aggression After Exposure
This meta-analytic review examines the effect that exposure to pornography produces on aggressive behavior under laboratory conditions considering a variety of possible moderating conditions (level
The role of pornography in the etiology of sexual aggression
Abstract Despite the public and scientific attention the topic has received, the evidence for a causal link between pornography use and sexual offending remains equivocal. This article critically
Predicting sexual aggression: the role of pornography in the context of general and specific risk factors.
It is found that high pornography consumption added significantly to the prediction of sexual aggression and the predictive utility of pornography was due to its discriminative ability only among men classified at relatively high risk for sexual aggression.
A preliminary examination of the pornography experience of sex offenders, paraphiliacs, sexual dysfunction patients, and controls based on Meese Commission recommendations.
This study found the frequency of use of pornography, age of exposure to pornography, Age of first masturbation experience, and use of Pornhub during first masturbatory experience, for sex offenders, paraphiliacs, sexual dysfunction patients, and controls were not significantly different.
The Use of Cyberpornography by Young Men in Hong Kong: Some Psychosocial Correlates
Results showed thatOnline pornography viewing was common and was strongly associated with peer influence and susceptibility to peer pressure, and participants who reported to have more online pornography viewing were found to score higher on measures of premarital sexual permissiveness and proclivities toward sexual harassment.
Criminal and noncriminal sexual aggressors: integrating psychopathy in a hierarchical-mediational confluence model.
  • N. Malamuth
  • Medicine
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 2003
The Hierarchical-Mediational Confluence (HMC) model predicts that the interactive combination of the various risk factors results in higher sexual aggression than expected by the additive combination of these risk factors, a prediction similar to the distinction between "primary" and "secondary" psychopaths.