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The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London

  title={The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London},
  author={G. J. Croll},
Spreadsheets have been with us in their present form for over a quarter of a century. We have become so used to them that we forget that we are using them at all. It may serve us well to stand back for a moment to review where, when and how we use spreadsheets in the financial markets and elsewhere in order to inform research that may guide their future development. In this article I bring together the experiences of a number of senior practitioners who have spent much of their careers working… 
Spreadsheets and the Financial Collapse
There is a link between the use of spreadsheets and the recent collapse of the global financial system, and governments and regulating authorities are provided with some simple recommendations to reduce the risks of continued overdependence on unreliable spreadsheets.
Error Estimation in Large Spreadsheets using Bayesian Statistics
Early research that has been carried out into the use of Bayesian Statistical methods to estimate the level of error in large spreadsheets during cell be cell examination based on expert knowledge and partial spreadsheet test data are outlined.
Inappropriate Use of Spreadsheets in the Finance Industry
Spreadsheets are major tools in the finance industry. In order to find out how these tools are used, we examined recently published research papers and interviewed seven experienced bankers. This
Comparison of Characteristics and Practices amongst Spreadsheet Users with Different Levels of Experience
An internet-based questionnaire on spreadsheet use is administered to a large number of users in several companies and organizations to document how spreadsheets are currently being developed and used in business and indicates that gaps have multiple dimensions.
Impact of errors in operational spreadsheets
Towards Evaluating the Quality of a Spreadsheet: The Case of the Analytical Spreadsheet Model
This work proposes for discussion a framework and terminology for evaluating the quality of analytical spreadsheet models, which categorizes and generalizes the findings of previous work on the more narrow domain of financial spreadsheet models.
A Survey of MBA Spreadsheet Users by
The results of an internet-based questionnaire on spreadsheet use drawn from a large sample of MBA graduates describe current spreadsheet use in organizations, largely confirming the gap that exists between actual practice and best practice.
Spreadsheets and Long Term Corporate Survival
There is a material and statistically significant increase in the long term survival rate of all of these groups of companies compared to the control.
A New Approach to Spreadsheet Analytics Management in Financial Markets
This paper focuses on the rapid creation and centralised deployment of statistical analytics within a software system now in use by major investment banks, and presents a novel technique for the manipulation in spreadsheets of high volumes of intraday market data.


A typical model audit approach
Spreadsheet audit and review procedures are an essential part of almost all City of London financial transactions. Structured processes are used to discover errors in large financial spreadsheets
Spreadsheet Assurance by "Control Around" is a Viable Alternative to the Traditional Approach
Not all distinct formulas are audited separately, but the relationship between input data and output data of a spreadsheet is audited through comparison with a shadow model developed in a modelling language.
Reducing Overconfidence in Spreadsheet Development
Two experiments in overconfidence in spreadsheet development are described, including a pilot study to determine the existence of overconfidence, and a manipulation to reduce overconfidence and errors.
Interpretation as a factor in understanding flawed spreadsheets
The problems of mechanical production and the problems of translation of problem to spreadsheet representation are considered.
Spreadsheet Errors: What We Know. What We Think We Can Do
To date, only one technique, cell-by-cell code inspection, has been demonstrated to be effective, and the degree to which other techniques can reduce spreadsheet errors needs to be determined.
Spreadsheet Engineering: A Research Framework
Spreadsheet engineering adapts the lessons of software engineering to spreadsheets, providing eight principles as a framework for organizing spreadsheet programming recommendations to overcome the heterogeneity of spreadsheet users.
Risk, uncertainty and investment decision-making in the upstream oil and gas industry
Spreadsheet Errors
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