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The Impact of the Scanlon Plan on Retail Store Performance

  title={The Impact of the Scanlon Plan on Retail Store Performance},
  author={K. Dow Scott and Janet Floyd and Philip G. Benson and James Bishop},
Exploring Optimal Wage Incentive System Using ABS
Players are motivated by social norms and morale to exert extra efforts in a work place with high morale. However, we often observe that the initially high performance of an organization gradually
A Tried-and-True Method for Encouraging Innovation


An Exploratory Examination of Gainsharing in Service Organizations: Implications for Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Pay Satisfaction
In 1981 the General Accounting Office implored U. S. businesses to adopt gainsharing as a means of productivity, yet its usage is far from universal (Markham et al., 1992). In its simplest form,
National Gainsharing Study: The Importance of Industry Differences
This survey of gainsharing plans across industries leads to the conclusion that there are major differences in the degree to which gainsharing is used in various sectors of the U.S. economy.
People, Performance, and Pay. Houston,TX: American Productivity and Quality Center
  • 1987
People, Performance, and Pay
  • 1987