The Impact of the Auditor Rotation on the Audit Quality: A Field Study from Egypt

  title={The Impact of the Auditor Rotation on the Audit Quality: A Field Study from Egypt},
  author={Diana Mostafa},
  journal={Corporate Governance: Actors \& Players eJournal},
  • Diana Mostafa
  • Published 7 August 2010
  • Business
  • Corporate Governance: Actors & Players eJournal
Lack of audit quality and subsequent audit failures result mainly from a lack of independence which is considered to be a consequence of the extended auditor client relationship. Actually, the results of a questionnaire distributed among auditors in Egypt confirm this hypothesis: The Auditors strongly agree that there is a lack of auditor independence in Egypt. The main reason is that most of the companies are closely held and that there is a lack of existence of code of ethics for auditing… 
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