The Impact of Technologies on Society: A Review

  title={The Impact of Technologies on Society: A Review},
  author={Journals Iosr and Bani Younes Mohammad and Al Samer},
This research deals with the impacts of misusing modern technologies on members of the society and their negative influences on economic, religious and social aspect, as well as their impact on people's behavior and the responsibility of the society in monitoring the children who are in need of attention by everyone through the guidance of appropriate educational ways. Moreover, this research shows the need of joining all efforts collectively in order to protect the entire society from the… Expand
A Review: Impact of 5G Technology on Society
This study examines the impact of the misuse of emerging technologies on the economic, religious, and convivial aspects, along with their influence on the deportment of people and the responsibilityExpand
Transnational relationships and virtual technology: an ethnographic study of the left-behind wives in Kerala
Abstract Modern technology plays a complicated role in (re)shaping the transnational relationships between migrated men and their left-behind wives in Kerala. Since the 1990s, the Malabar region inExpand
The future of public space: how to measure active public space in the digital era
This research contributes to the area of architecture and urban design by developing active public space framework to design a better place. Past studies on assessing the quality of public space haveExpand
Exploring the Relevant Skills Needed for the Digital Age Employees
The aim of this study is to explore the relevant skills needed for the digital age employees in business. After reviewing prior studies and literature, it was recognized that technology changed theExpand
The way of the Gurkha : an investigation into the Gurkhas' position in the British Army
This thesis attempts to contribute to the growing literature on the Gurkhas’ service in the British Army for over two centuries, considering the fundamental changes in the Gurkhas’ Terms andExpand
Internet Addiction in India: Its Current Prevalence and Psychological and Complementary Treatment Techniques
In this technical era, undoubtedly, the internet has brought a great revolution worldwide. Smartphones and technology-mediated social networking sites have caused a drastic increase in internetExpand
A Study on Marriage Ceremony through Video Call Software: Modernity and Islamic Law Perspective
On 28 April 2018 the Indonesian people were struck by the viral news about marriage of a pair of policemen (briptu Nova di Cikeas and Briptu Andik in Pontianak) via video call, marriage in Islam is aExpand
Role of Network Externalities and Innovation Characteristics in Influencing Intentions to Use an Online Bank: Moderating Technological Anxiety
Digital innovations have numerous impacts on modern life; as such, many business models have integrated online or virtual forms, which includes banking. An online bank is a virtual form of a bank’sExpand
Financial Literacy in Student Financial Management Behavior in the Digital Age
This study describes the condition of financial literacy at a young age which is described by the daily financial management behavior of students. This research is survey research. The informants inExpand
Digital competence learning in secondary adult education in Finland and Poland
Nowadays, the digital competence is becoming as important as literacy and numeracy skills. For children and youths these competences seem to be natural and the role of teacher is to directs tu dentsExpand


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