The Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Turkish Labor Market

  title={The Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Turkish Labor Market},
  author={Ximena V. Del Carpio and Mathis C. Wagner},
  journal={Macroeconomics: Employment},
  • Ximena V. Del Carpio, Mathis C. Wagner
  • Published 2015
  • Economics
  • Macroeconomics: Employment
  • Currently 2.5 million Syrians fleeing war have found refuge in Turkey, making it the largest refugee-hosting country worldwide. This paper combines newly available data on the distribution of Syrian refugees across Turkey and the Turkish Labour Force Survey to assess their labor market impact. Syrian refugees are overwhelmingly employed informally, since they were not issued work permits, making their arrival a well-defined supply shock to informal labor. Consistent with economic theory our… CONTINUE READING
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