The Impact of Soil and Fertilizer Phosphorus on the Environment

  title={The Impact of Soil and Fertilizer Phosphorus on the Environment},
  author={Andrew N. Sharpley and Ronald G. Menzel},
  journal={Advances in Agronomy},

Effect of soil test phosphorus on runoff water quality

Phosphorus (P) additions to the surface water from agricultural nonpoint sources are of concern because P is commonly the nutrient limiting the accelerated eutrophication of surface waters. Many

Effect of Extractable Soil Surface Phosphorus on Runoff Water Quality

Phosphorus (P) additions to surface water from agricultural nonpoint sources are of concern, because P often limits eutrophication of surface waters. Numerous sources of runoff P exist: indigenous


The contaminants, which are resulting from the wastes of agricultural lands, are considered among the sources of pollution of irrigation water in Irrigation and drainage network in Egypt. Due to the

Environmental impact of fertilizer use and slow release of mineral nutrients as a response to this challenge

Abstract This paper presents the most important issues relating to the influence of mineral fertilizers on both the natural environment and human and animal health. The physiological, environmental

Management effects on forms of phosphorus in soil and leaching losses

We should know the effects of soil use and management on the contents and forms of soil phosphorus (P) and the resulting potential for leaching losses of P to prevent eutrophication of surface water.

Distribution and Dynamics of Phosphorus in an Agricultural Watershed with a Long-Term History of Poultry Waste Application

The objective of this research is to investigate the effects of long-term broiler litter application on soil phosphorus (P) and water quality and examine the spatial variations of soil P at a private

The Effects of Irrigation Scheduling on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching Under Pasture

Leaching of nutrients such as nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) can impact negatively on the wider environment. Although there is some speculation on increased leaching under irrigated pasture, there



The Contribution of Phosphorus Leached from Crop Canopy to Losses in Surface Runoff

Simulated rainfall (6 cm/hour) was used to leach P from growing cotton (Gossypium hirsutum), sorghum (Sorghum sudanense), and soybean (Glycine max.) plants as a function of soil type and time

Plant Nutrient Losses by Erosion from a Corn, Wheat, Clover Rotation on Dunmore Silt Loam 1

A REVIEW of the reported attempts to set up soil •L\productivity indexes or fertility balance sheets (i5) reveals the need for quantitative data on the amounts of the various plant nutrient elements

Selective Loss of Plant Nutrients by Erosion1

Losses of soil and plant nutrients have been determined for six 3-acre watersheds under prevailing farming practices, and six 3-acre watersheds under a conservation farming system. The period

Soil phosphorus after 25 years of cropping with five rates of phosphorus application

Abstract Rate of change of levels of various soil P forms as affected by P fertilizer application and crop removal is important for determining long term P fertilization policy. A rotation‐fertility

The effect of superphosphate on the cadmium content of soils and plants

The cadmium content of phosphatic fertilizers manufactured in New South Wales ranged from 18 to 91 p.p.m. and was closely correlated with phosphorus content. Superphosphate contained 38-48 p.p.m.

Effect of Tillage Systems on Runoff Losses of Nutrients, A Rainfall Simulation Study

ABSTRACT THE objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of different tillage practices on the loss of N and P in runoff and sediment from experimental plots using simulated rainfall. Twelve

The Sorption of Soluble Phosphorus by Soil Material during Transport in Runoff from Cropped and Grassed Watersheds 1

The adsorption of soluble P by surface soil and suspended sediment material during transport in surface runoff under field and simulated laborato ry conditions was investigated. The soluble P

A Study of Factors Influencing the Nitrogen and Phosphorus Contents of Nebraska Waters 1

The purpose of this investigation was to determine magnitude and sources of nutrient N and P in Nebraska waters. Correlation studies reveal little relation between N and P concentrations of the water

The loss of phosphorus from sandy soils

Results show that the rate of accumulation of fertilizer phosphorus may be very slow in some soils unless steps are taken to prevent phosphorus from leaching, and a close negative correlation was found between phosphate loss and both the native phosphorus content and the loss on ignition.

The Release of Soil Phosphorus to Runoff in Relation to the Kinetics of Desorption

The release of P from surface soil to runoff water under simulated rainfall conditions was investigated for five soils at several rates of fertilizer P application. A simplified kinetic model