The Impact of Social Media on the Consumer Decision Process: Implications for Tourism Marketing

  title={The Impact of Social Media on the Consumer Decision Process: Implications for Tourism Marketing},
  author={Simon Hudson and Karen Irene Thal},
  journal={Journal of Travel \& Tourism Marketing},
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ABSTRACT Social media have fundamentally changed the consumer decision process, and in the last decade a more sophisticated view of how consumers engage with brands has emerged. This research note describes this new consumer decision journey with examples from all sectors of the travel industry, and describes how savvy tourism marketers are benefiting from social media engagement. Practical and theoretical implications are discussed along with suggestions for further research in this rapidly… Expand
The impact of social media influencers on travel decisions: the role of trust in consumer decision journey
The growing presence of social media influencers (SMIs) is increasingly modulating consumer behaviour in the travel industry. Trust is a vitally important topic in influencer and tourism marketing ...
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In tourism, digital media represent a primary channel to interact with consumers directly or by means of social media and travel-related platforms (e.g., TripAdvisor, etc.). Over the pastExpand
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Social Media and customer engagement in tourism: Evidence from Facebook corporate pages of leading cruise companies
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The Promotion of Responsible Tourism Management Through Digital Media
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Empirical analysis based on data collected from Sina Weibo users suggests that several content cues and web page design as a noncontent cue are positively related with cognitive and affective images, which lead to a conative image. Expand
The influence of social media on the consumers’ hotel decision journey
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Investigation of Social Media Marketing: How Does the Hotel Industry in Hong Kong Perform in Marketing on Social Media Websites?
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The Impact of Online Brand Community Type on Consumer's Community Engagement Behaviors: Consumer-Created vs. Marketer-Created Online Brand Community in Online Social-Networking Web Sites
It is demonstrated that the intrinsic motives of altruism and social identification motivations provided strong social incentives to motivate consumers to engage in subsequent online brand community behaviors. Expand
Antecedents and purchase consequences of customer participation in small group brand communities
Abstract This paper investigates behavior and determinants of the behavior of small group brand community participants. A small group brand community is a friendship group of consumers with a sharedExpand
The Internet is changing all the rules of branding, except one—creating an emotional bond with buyers is still essential.
How anger poisons decision making.
Anger will continue to color your decisions at work, the research suggests, without your awareness, not a good thing for anyone trying to steer the best course through the day’s business problems. Expand
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Es un error pensar que entramos a un mundo donde las actividades tradicionales de marketing se tornaran irrelevantes. La escala y velocidad de los medios sociales exigen que los elementos basicos deExpand
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