The Impact of Professional Football Games Upon Violent Assaults on Women

  title={The Impact of Professional Football Games Upon Violent Assaults on Women},
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The relationship between the timing and outcomes of the Washington Redskins’ football games and the frequency of admissions to hospital emergency rooms in northern Virginia is investigated. An OLS time series analysis is conducted, controlling for days of the week, months, years and special holidays for 1988-1989. The results indicate that the frequency of admissions of women victims of gun shots, stabbings, assaults, falls, lacerations and being struck by objects increases when the team wins… 
Association Between Old Firm Football Matches and Reported Domestic (Violence) Incidents in Strathclyde, Scotland
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There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that college football games can lead to aggressive and destructive behavior by fans. However, to date, no empirical study has attempted to document the
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It is concluded that the impact of such sporting events is psychologically significant and traumatic stress responses to a number of stressors such as threats to life, threats to psychological well-being and involvement in a human or natural disaster are considered.
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This article investigates the effects of National Football League (NFL) games on crime. Using a panel data set that includes daily crime incidences in eight large cities with NFL teams, we examine
Winning, losing, and violence
Assault injury resulting in ED treatment was more frequent when national teams won than when they lost, and violence prevention efforts should be increased on international match days, when the national team is expected to win, when match attendance is large, and for away as well as home matches.
The effect of rugby match outcome on spectator aggression and intention to drink alcohol.
This study suggests that team success but not failure may increase aggression among supporters, and that aggression, not celebration, drives post-match alcohol consumption.


Effects of observing athletic contests on hostility.
The results indicate that hostility increased significantly after observing the football game, and this increase in hostility did not interact with subects' preferred outcome of the game.
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It is concluded that the results are consistent with the hypothesis that some teenage suicides are imitative and that alternative explanations for the findings are unlikely to account for the increase in attempted and completed suicides.
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Cessation of Family Violence: Deterrence and Dissuasion
  • J. Fagan
  • Law, Psychology
    Crime and Justice
  • 1989
Family violence research has only recently begun to investigate desistance. Recent developments in the study of behaviors other than family violence, such as the use of addictive substances, suggest
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Recent research has shown that there are “death dips” for suicide around major ceremonial occasions, and for certain public holidays in particular. This research suggests that the suicide-dip
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Societal attitudes about marital violence have changed in the last twenty years. Battered wives have much more legal protection available than even a few years ago. There is now a substantial body of
Imitative violence in the real world: A reanalysis of homicide rates following championship prize fights
Recently, Phillips [Am Soc Rev, 1983; 48:560-568] reported that the homicide rate increases on the third day after heavyweight championship prize fights. The present paper reports a reanalysis of