The Impact of Packaging Designs on Consumer Buying Behaviour of FMCG during the Hyperinflationary and After the Dollarisation Era in Zimbabwe

  title={The Impact of Packaging Designs on Consumer Buying Behaviour of FMCG during the Hyperinflationary and After the Dollarisation Era in Zimbabwe},
  author={Godwell Karedza},
TPublic institutions are subject to huge range of legislative restrictions, controlled by the legislative, executive and judicial authorities and subject to criticism by the public at large as compared to private sector procurement processes which are led by profit motives (Fourie, 2009). In both public and private sector procurement, the goods, services and or works have to be acquired, which is the most similarity between these two sectors. In the final analysis, Oughton (2007) alluded to the… 

Positioning Strategies and Firm Competitiveness in the Nigeria Telecommunication Industry: A Study of GLO and MTN Asaba

a positioning, to select the right competitive advantages and to choose a broad positioning strategy that will support with the organization’s structure and reliable with the positioning objectives

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Package design plays an important role in attracting consumer’s attention and generating expectations in the consumer that affect the perception of the product and their decision-making. Studies were

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La presente investigación tiene como objetivo analizar si el empaque permite posicionar una marca en la ciudad de Andahuaylas - Perú, sabiendo que este atributo influye en la decisión de compra de


Industri Rumah Tangga merupakan salah satu wujud dari Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah (UMKM) yang memproduksi barang-barang dan dilakukan di dalam rumah serta berskala kecil. King Queenclong dan Star



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The importance of packaging design as a vehicle for communication and branding is growing in competitive markets for packaged food products. This research utilized a focus group methodology to


Due to increasing self-service and changing consumers’ lifestyle the interest in package as a tool of sales promotion and stimulator of impulsive buying behaviour is growing increasingly. So package

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Marketing and design are interconnected. Innovative design opens up new markets and clever design rekindles interest in a mature market. Well-designed products communicate quality and value to the

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A general manual packaging line consisting of all conceivable manual packaging operations such as folding, insertion, labeling, sealing and scanning is proposed and guidelines for the design of efficient packaging lines are proposed.

The Communicative Power of Product Packaging: Creating Brand Identity via Lived and Mediated Experience

Building on existing frameworks (customer-based brand equity, consumer-brand relationships, product symbolism/self concept), this paper forwards packaging as a product-related attribute critical to