The Impact of Internal Factors on Small Business Success: A Case of Small Enterprises under the FELDA Scheme

  title={The Impact of Internal Factors on Small Business Success: A Case of Small Enterprises under the FELDA Scheme},
  author={Khadijah Mohamad Radzi and Mohammad Nazri Mohd Nor and Suhana Bt Mohezar Ali},
  journal={Asian Academy of Management Journal},
This study attempts to identify the antecedents of business success in the Malaysian perspective, with particular reference to small businesses under the Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) scheme. Cross sectional data were collected from 199 small businesses operating under the (FELDA) scheme via questionnaire. The data collected were analysed using partial least square method. The empirical results indicated that only entrepreneurial competency and technology usage are related to… 

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  • Business, Economics
  • 2020
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