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The Impact of Giving Together: Giving Circles' Influence on Members' Philanthropic and Civic Behaviors, Knowledge and Attitudes

  title={The Impact of Giving Together: Giving Circles' Influence on Members' Philanthropic and Civic Behaviors, Knowledge and Attitudes},
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Women's Leadership in Philanthropy: An Analysis of Six Giving Circles
Do Giving Circles Democratize Philanthropy? Donor Identity and Giving to Historically Marginalized Groups
This research focuses on understanding how giving circle (GC) member identities are associated with the identities of funding recipients. It examines whether GC members are more likely thanExpand
Growing Philanthropy through Giving Circles: Collective Giving and the Logic of Charity
Whilst philanthropy has long helped fund private initiatives for public good, governments are becoming more interested in expanding this income source as pressures on public spending increase. OneExpand
Growing philanthropy through collaboration: The landscape of giving circles in the United Kingdom and Ireland
Recent efforts to grow philanthropy in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland have focused on increasing the number of donors and size of donations, rather than on developing new methods of giving,Expand
The role of women in building a new culture of giving in Argentina
Since the restoration of political democracy in Argentina almost thirty years ago, civil society organizations (CSOs) have grown increasingly weak due to the absence of efforts by women to re-shape aExpand


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Preface Acknowledgments Introduction. Giving Circles and Democratic Governance 1. Democracy, Voluntary Association, and Philanthropy 2. The Modernization and Marketization of Voluntarism 3. SocietalExpand
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There has been little discussion about the democratic impacts of new roles and expectations put on private philanthropy and voluntarism in an era of governance beyond the state. This article exploresExpand
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