The Impact of Expert Decision Support Systems on the Performance of New Employees

  title={The Impact of Expert Decision Support Systems on the Performance of New Employees},
  author={Lucila P{\'e}rez Cascante and Michel Plaisent and Lassana Maguiraga and Prosper Bernard},
  journal={Inf. Resour. Manag. J.},
Decision support technology, expert systems, executives information systems, and artificial neural networks have been reported to be useful tools to enhance the performance of managers as they helped them to gain more knowledge, experiences, and expertise and consequently enhance the quality of the decision making. They can also be used as a training tool to transfer the knowledge of the expert to middle and top management and thus improve the performance of new employees. This communication… 

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The aim of this research is to proposed Decision Support System Framework particularly for quantity surveying consultants to improve the effectiveness of the decision making process.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Logistics System Efficiency Based on the Integrated DEA/BPN Model

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This research highlights the importance of the fit between technologies and users' tasks in achieving individual performance impacts from information technology and suggests that task-technology fit when decomposed into its more detailed components, could be the basis for a strong diagnostic tool to evaluate whether information systems and services in a given organization are meeting user needs.

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Sophisticated software has been developed that will assist managers in their decision- making processes and also enable computers to think like human experts.

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The results suggested that the effect of task‐technology fit on accuracy in solving problems was marginal for case‐based reasoning with unstructured tasks, and the task‐ technology fit marginally increased users’ certainty of the correctness of their solutions.