The Impact of Different Types of Media on Tourists' Behavioral Intentions

  title={The Impact of Different Types of Media on Tourists' Behavioral Intentions},
  author={Jihwan Park},

Os efeitos das imagens sobre a disposicão a pagar por ingressos das atrações turísticas

O objetivo deste estudo foi medir a Disposição dos Consumidores a Pagar (DCP) por ingressos em atrações turísticas que eles nunca haviam visitado anteriormente, depois de visualizar imagens de

Millennial social media users' intention to travel: the moderating role of social media influencer following behavior

Purpose – Social media (SoMe) influencer marketing is a popular practice. The current study examines the interplays between SoMe influencers’ source credibility, Millennial users’ attitudes and



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The Perceived Influence of User Reviews in the Hospitality Industry

Trust in user opinions at hotel review sites now outweighs advice on holidays from travel agents. Hospitality marketers would be wise to take note of this power of consumer advocacy revolution. Yet,


Tourist guidebooks provide an important source of information on places. Different guidebooks are written for different types of visitors to better meet their individual travel needs. This is

A Model of Tourist Information Search Behavior

This research empirically examines, for the first time, the correlates of tourist information search behavior. A model is specified and tested in which tourist information search strategies are

McQuail's Mass Communication Theory

PART ONE: PRELIMINARIES 1. Introduction to the Book Our object of study The structure of the book Themes and issues in mass communication Manner of treatment How to use the book Limitations of

Handbook of Print Media: Technologies and Production Methods

Fundamentals.- Printing methods requiring a permanent image carrier.- Prepress.- Computer to... technologies.- Printing processes without printing plate (NIP processes).- Hybrid printing systems.-

Inequitable Distributions in Internet Geographies: The Global South Is Gaining Access, but Lags in Local Content

  • Mark Graham
  • Art
    Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization
  • 2014
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