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The Impact of Color on Learning

  title={The Impact of Color on Learning},
  author={Kathie Engelbrecht},
This paper is the result of research conducted in response to a client’s question of the importance of color in their new school facility. The resulting information is a compilation of studies conducted by color psychologists, medical and design professionals. Introduction From psychological reactions to learned cultural interpretations, human reaction and relationship to color is riddle with complexities. The variety of nuances, however, does not dilute the amazing power of color on humans and… 
Empirical Evidence of Color on Motivation toward Learning
This study was conducted to understand the role of color in motivating children towards learning. The sample was selected from two government schools of a village named Rao Khan Wala near Lahore.
Using a Proposed Program Based on Johannes Itten’s Theory of Color in the Development of Color Culture among Faculty of Early-Childhood Education Students
The current study was prepared on the basis that color is one of the most important visual elements of the creativity of the artistic work due to its role in highlighting aesthetic and expressive
A child's eye view of primary school built environments
This article endeavours to make explicit the perspective of primary school pupils' on their likes, dislikes and wishes in relation to the built school environments they experience. Relevant findings
Purpose of this study is to explore the impact of psychology of color on the effect of the packaging design on children’s buying behavior. The paper has attempted to find out the psychology of colors
The Holistic Impact of Classroom Spaces on Learning in Specific Subjects
Analysis for the three main subjects assessed, namely, reading, writing, and math, reveals variations in the importance of the physical design parameters for the learning of each subject.
The supporting effects of high luminous conditions on grade 3 oral reading fluency scores
It is suggested that artificial lighting plays a key role in helping to create an effective learning environment to ensure children reach their full potential.
Effect of wall colour on the perception of classrooms
The objective of this research was to assess the effects of three different colours on the interior wall surfaces of classrooms on the perceptual performance of male students, taking into account of
Thematic Color Design for Children's Hospitals
This research has explored the thematic color preferences and the psychological effect of color within the interior design of healthcare interior spaces, particularly children's hospitals public
Children's and teachers' voices : a framework for school design.
The school environment affects pupils' and teachers' health, work and emotions: on average they spend around six hours a day and over one thousand hours a year in school. There is strong evidence


Color Codes: Modern Theories of Color in Philosophy, Painting and Architecture, Literature, Music, and Psychology
Color is an endlessly fascinating and controversial topic. "The first thing to realize about the study of color in our time is its uncanny ability to evade all attempts to systematically codify it, "
Does It Matter Where Our Children Learn
This paper reports on research that suggests that how schools are designed can affect such important factors as student safety, teacher-student relationships, and the academic performance of
Color, Environmental and Human Response
Frank H. Mahnke is President of the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers for which he conducts seminars on the psychological and physiological effects of color, light, and human
The power of color
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