The Impact of Affirmative Action in India: More Political than Socioeconomic

  title={The Impact of Affirmative Action in India: More Political than Socioeconomic},
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Middle Castes Against Hill High Caste Political Domination in Nepal: Can Indian Experience Be A Lesson?
  • C. Basnet
  • Sociology
    Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology
  • 2021
This study examines the problems and prospects of middle caste politics in Nepal based on similar political developments in north India. It investigates the processes of middle caste and class
Affirmative action, minorities, and public services in India: Charting a future research and practice agenda.
A scoping review of literature and three multi-stakeholder workshops is conducted to better understand the available evidence on the impact of affirmative action policies in enhancing the inclusion of ethnic and religious minorities in health, education and governance in India.
Affirmative action policy in developing countries: Lessons learned and a way forward
There are several countries who have responded to concerns regarding historically disadvantaged groups, particularly ethnic and racial minorities and women, with not only anti-discrimination
Caste Discrimination in School Admissions: Evidence from Test Scores
The results from a sample of roughly 5.7 million test-takers from the full universe of secondary schools in the 1996-2004 period are not consistent with the hypothesis that schools exhibit prejudice against SC/ST students in admissions, both when differences in mean performance proxy for differences in admissions thresholds and when various quantiles of the SC/ ST and non-SC/ST test-score distributions are compared within schools.
Conservative force or contradictory resource? Education and affirmative action in Jharkhand, India
This article explores the combination of education and affirmative action in challenging historic inequalities faced by adivasis, or indigenous peoples, living in a remote region of Eastern India. We
Electrification and Welfare for the Marginalized: Evidence from India
Uneven electrification can be a source of welfare disparity. Given the recent progress of electrification in India, we analyze the differences in access and reliability of electricity, and its impact