The Impact Response of Coquina: Unlocking the Mystery Behind the Endurance of the Oldest Fort in the United States

  title={The Impact Response of Coquina: Unlocking the Mystery Behind the Endurance of the Oldest Fort in the United States},
  author={Sanika G. Subhash and Phillip Jannotti and Ghatu Subhash},
  journal={Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials},
The Castillo de San Marcos fort in St. Augustine, FL, has withstood numerous wars and hurricanes for over 300 years. Interestingly, during military sieges it was discovered that the fort walls did not shatter upon impact, but instead absorbed the cannonballs. The endurance of this fort is attributed to a native rock, called coquina, from which it was constructed. Quasi-static and high strain rate uniaxial compression experiments were conducted on coquina and two other materials (sandstone and a… 

Physico-mechanical and Chemical Properties of Coquina Stone Used as Heritage Building Stone in Bushehr, Iran

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Glossary of Geology

  • I. Campbell
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Glossary of Geology

This third edition of the Glossary of Geology contains approximately 37,000 terms, or 1,000 more than the second edition. New entries are especially numerous in the fields of carbonate sedimentology,

Porosity and bulk density of sedimentary rocks

More than 900 items of porosity and bulk density data for sedimentary rocks have been tabulated. Most of the data are from the more accessible American, British, German, and Swiss literature. The

Split-Hopkinson pressure bar testing of ceramics. Mechanical testing and evaluation (Vol 8), ASM handbook

  • ASM International,
  • 2000

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