The Image and Appearance of the Human Body: Studies in the Constructive Energies of the Psyche

  title={The Image and Appearance of the Human Body: Studies in the Constructive Energies of the Psyche},
  author={Paul Ferdinand Schilder},

Psychological trauma in children and adolescents with burns

It is suggested that there may be a "normal" acute trauma response following burn injury, and directions for a new theory encompassing trauma and injury in the context of development are proposed.

A Helix of Anxiety: A Qualitative Analysis of the Personal Experiences of Individuals with Health Anxiety

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When Body Image Takes over the Body Schema: The Case of Frantz Fanon

Body image (BI) and body schema (BS) refer to two different yet closely related systems. Whereas BI can be defined as a system of perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs pertaining to one's own body, BS

The dissolution of the body image : immersive environments and sensory experience

This thesis attempts to provide a reading of the body image in immersive space. Since this is a subject that has not been explored in architectural discourse, it is important to examine the

Examining the Influence of Crossfit Participation and the Crossfit Environment on Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Eating Behaviours Among Women Using a Mixed Methods Approach

The purpose of this thesis was to use a mixed methods approach to investigate the associations between CrossFit participation and women’s body image, self-esteem, and eating behaviours. Women from

The Dissolution of the Body Image

The thesis provides a critique of architecture’s use of immersion and intends to begin a larger architectural discourse on the body image in the immersive environment arguing that any space that manipulates sensory perception to some degree is immersive- hence the importance and relevance to architecture.

To Learn the World Again: Examining the Impact of Elective Breast Surgery on Body Schema

This paper comprises a feminist phenomenological exploration of women’s experiences with breast augmentation and breast reduction. Situating the results of semi-structured interviews in the context

The Development of Symbolization , The Reinforcement of the Body Image and of the Socialization of Deaf-Blind Students through Social-Emotional Interaction . A Psychodynamic and Psycho Educational Approach

The present article aims to investigate whether social interaction can help deafblind students to develop symbolization, reinforce their body image and their socialization. The possibility of the

The Predictors of Body Image Dissatisfaction among Undergraduate Students at the United States International University (USIU), Nairobi, Kenya

A thesis report submitted to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MA clinical Psy)




  • Children and Hypochondriasis
  • 1932

Experimentelle Nachbildung von Anosognosie

Es wird uber eine Anzahl von Versuchen berichtet, in denen die Kombination der Vereisung von Schadeldefekten im Bereiche des Sensomotoriums, bzw. des Scheitellappens mit einer Herabstimmung der

Zeichenstörungen bei Patienten mit Autotopagnosie

Es werden 3 Falle dargestellt, von denen zwei eine Autotopagnosie fur das Gesichtund eine Fingeragnosie (Gerstmann) aufweisen, der dritte Fall nur eine Fingeragnosie. Alle diese Falle zeigen auch

Psychophysische Verursachung und Behandlung des Schmerzes

Wir mussen bei der Betrachtung des Schmerzes unterscheiden den Schmerz als physiologischen und als psychischen Vorgang und sodann die gegenseitige Wechselwirkung dieser beiden Seiten aufeinander. Die

Wie man Psychologe wird