The Illusion of Beauty

  title={The Illusion of Beauty},
  author={N. Humphrey},
  pages={429 - 439}
  • N. Humphrey
  • Published 1973
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Perception
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty" to the poet. But a biologist is bound, I think, to regard beauty—at least man-made beauty—as something closer to a lie. A lie, admittedly, of a unique kind, but a kind to which both men and animals are specially vulnerable. If I give a hungry dog a solution of saccharine it will lap it up; if I show a cock robin a bundle of feathers with a red patch on its underside the robin will attack it; and if I show a man an abstract painting or play him a piece of music he… Expand
The Social Function of Intellect
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My half-century saturated in semiotics: A spiralling confessional
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The Golden Section and the Aesthetics of Form and Composition: A Cognitive Model
Previous work on the aesthetics of simple figures such as rectangles and triangles, as well as on the aesthetics of color, suggests that although there are clear population level preferences, thereExpand
Prefigurements of Art
"To the biologist ... and to the painter, improvement is a perfectly valid notion, proof against any attacks philosophers may make on it. ... And the point I want to make is that in the biologicalExpand
Cross-Species Comparison in the Evolutionary Study of Art: A Cognitive Approach to the Ape Art Debate
Aside from humans, artistic behavior has been attributed to species varying from bowerbirds to elephants. The most notable case are nonhuman primate species, and chimpanzees in particular. SomeExpand
Conflicting Aesthetic Ideals in a Musical Culture
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Sex-related similarities and differences in the neural correlates of beauty
It is inferred that the different strategies used by men and women in assessing aesthetic preference may reflect differences in the strategies associated with the division of labor between the authors' male and female hunter-gatherer hominin ancestors. Expand
Aesthetic preference and syntactic prototypicality in music: 'Tis the gift to be simple
Differences between an aesthetic theory based on information and uncertainty, and one based on schemas and schema divergence are described, and the tonal conservatism of most subjects is considered. Expand
The Aesthetic Experience and Mundane Reality
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Consensus on Peirce’s Concept of Habit
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Status and the left cheek
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An Enquiry concerning the Principles of Natural Knowledge
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Attention and Psychological Change in the Young Child
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Internal influences on early learning in birds
  • Constraints on Learning
  • 1973
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Some ideas of Saussure applied to Buryat magical drawings
  • Social Anthropology and Language
  • 1971
Poetry and the landscape
  • The New Landscape in Art and Science
  • 1956
Poetry and the landscape", in The New Landscape in Art
  • 1956
Poetry and the landscape", in The New Landscape in Art and Science
  • Poetry and the landscape", in The New Landscape in Art and Science
  • 1956