The Illness of Vincent Van Gogh

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  • R. E. Hemphill
  • Published 1 December 1961
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

Moments of Mania: Emotion-Related Impulsivity and Bipolar Disorder

Author(s): Awasthi, Shevya; Colbert, Matthew; Das, Doyel; Russo, Melanie; Seiersen, Kaela; Slobodyanyuk, Elena

"Balancing 'me': Managing the self through bipolar disorder"


Personajes célebres y enfermedad: Van Gogh y sus trastornos mentales (II)

La sintomatología de la enfermedad de Van Gogh se ha dicho que era multiforme y cambiante.1 En el primer plano de las fases agudas había estados de excitación afectiva que aparecían y desaparecían

Van Gogh's madness.

  • F. Rose
  • Art
    International review of neurobiology
  • 2006

Absinth - ein Getränk kommt wieder in Mode: toxikologisch-analytische und lebensmittelrechtliche Bewertungen

Zusammenfassung Diese Ubersichtsarbeit beschreibt die unterschiedlichen Aspekte der Bitterspirituose Absinth und deren charakteristischer Bestandteile, insbesondere des Wermuts (Artemisia absinthium

Die psychische Erkrankung Vincent van Goghs

The diagnostic judgement of Karl Leonhard is described and discussed in the light of independent research on van Gogh’s letters, his works and biography that showed both the course and symptoms of the disorder were consistent with the diagnosis of a cycloid psychosis (anxiety-elation psychosis).

Vincent Van Gogh: What do His Letters Suggest about His Diagnosis?

The interest in Vincent van Gogh a century after his death has prompted speculation about the nature of his underlying illness and questions about how his art was affected by his illness, although documentation of his medical history by his physicians is sparse.

Xanthopsia and van Gogh's yellow palette

Artistic preference is the best working hypothesis to explain the yellow dominance in Vincent van Gogh's palette.

Vincent van Gogh and the thujone connection.

During his last two years Vincent van Gogh experienced fits with hallucinations that have been attributed to a congenital psychosis. But the artist admitted to episodes of heavy drinking that were