The Idea of a Writing Center.

  title={The Idea of a Writing Center.},
  author={Stephen M. North},
  journal={College English},
  • S. North
  • Published 1 September 1984
  • Education
  • College English
This is an essay that began out of frustration. Despite the reference to writing centers in the title, it is not addressed to a writing center audience but to what is, for my purposes, just the opposite: those not involved with writing centers. Do not exclude yourself from this group just because you know that writing centers (or labs or clinics or places or however you think of them) exist; "involved" here means having directed such a place, having worked there for a minimum of 100 hours, or… 
What the College Writing Center Is?and Isn't
hen observing the mixed per ceptions people have of college writing centers, I think of the tale about the six blind men in Hindus tan who felt an elephant and reported that it was like a wall, a
Reconsiderations: After "The Idea of a Writing Center"
Nearly twenty-five years ago, in the pages of this journal, Stephen North is sued a declaration, throwing down the gauntlet and defining a field. North's "The Idea of a Writing Center" may be the
The Communally Focused Writing Center
Writing center work is hard work. The seemingly infinite number of writing center metaphors attest to this. Writing center workers are tutors, teachers, coaches, consultants, peers, mentors,
Writing at the Centre: Language, Institution, and the Discourse on Writing Centres
Preparing to speak about writing centres to an audience of writing special ists, I drafted an account of what might be called, at an abstract level, "the politics of service": the situation of
Composing Queers: The Subversive Potential of the Writing Center
Reflecting upon my first year as a writing associate in the Oberlin College writing center, I have found myself questioning the ways in which I have been taught to write academic discourse, how
Creative Expressive Writing and Perceived Self-Efficacy in the Writing Center—A Tutor’s Narrative
You know the story...the one about a curious little girl, captivated by a little white rabbit? Like young Alice, my curiosity compelled me to follow my own white rabbit down an unknown path, at least
Writing Center Philosophy and the End of Basic Writing: Motivation at the Site of Remediation and Discovery.
At York College, many of the students fit the linguistic and educational profile of basic writers, and yet there is no remediation built into the curriculum. It falls to the writing center, then, to
Tutors as Teachers: Assisting ESL/EFL Students in the Writing Center.
In "The Idea of a Writing Center," Stephen M. North takes to task his colleagues in university English departments for their unenlightened views: "For them, a writing center is to illiteracy what a
Same bed, different dreams: The mismatched expectations about proofreading in the writing center
  • Juhi Kim
  • Education
    International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
  • 2018
No proofreading is one of the major policies of the university writing center. The no proofreading policy is oriented from the process-oriented writing instruction that is represented with the
New Media Matters: Tutoring in the Late Age of Print
At the turn of the century, John Trimbur predicted that writing centers would become “Multiliteracy Centers,” drawing on the terminology of the New London Group (30). These re-envisioned centers, he