The Id follows: It Follows (2014) and the existential crisis of adolescent sexuality

  title={The Id follows: It Follows (2014) and the existential crisis of adolescent sexuality},
  author={Joseph Barbera},
  journal={The International Journal of Psychoanalysis},
  pages={393 - 404}
  • Joseph Barbera
  • Published 4 March 2019
  • Art
  • The International Journal of Psychoanalysis
It Follows is a critically acclaimed independent horror film,written anddirectedbyDavid Robert Mitchell. This groundbreaking film pays homage to slasher films of the past while at the same time rejuvenating this otherwise tired genre with a complex narrative and visual aesthetic that makes it an original film in its own right. Themovie centres around Jay, a young teenager, and her attempts to evade an unnamed entity that is transmitted from victim to victim through sexual intercourse. The film… 



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