The Iberian–Roman Humid Period (2600–1600 cal yr BP) in the Zoñar Lake varve record (Andalucía, southern Spain)

  title={The Iberian–Roman Humid Period (2600–1600 cal yr BP) in the Zo{\~n}ar Lake varve record (Andaluc{\'i}a, southern Spain)},
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Climate and human impact on a meromictic lake during the last 6,000 years (Montcortès Lake, Central Pyrenees, Spain)

Sedimentological, mineralogical and compositional analyses performed on short gravity cores and long Kullenberg cores from meromictic Montcortès Lake (Pre-Pyrenean Range, NE Spain) reveal large

Monsoonal climatic reconstruction from Central India during the last ca. 3600 cal yr: signatures of global climatic events, based on lacustrine sediment pollen records

Abstract Pollen analyses of a 90 cm deep lacustrine sediment profile from the Mahasamund District of Chhattisgarh State, central India demonstrated that between ca. 3600 and 2500 cal yr BP

Palaeolimnological evidence for an east-west climate see-saw in the Mediterranean since AD 900

A seesaw in Mediterranean precipitation during the Roman Period linked to millennial-scale changes in the North Atlantic

We present a reconstruction of the change in cli- matic humidity around the Mediterranean between 3000- 1000 yr BP. Using a range of proxy archives and model sim- ulations we demonstrate that climate



Arid and humid phases in southern Spain during the last 4000 years: the Zoñar Lake record, Córdoba

A multiproxy study of sediment cores from Zoñar Lake (37°29′00″N, 4°41′22″W, 300 m a.s.l.) supported by 11 14C AMS dates provides the first high-resolution centennial-scale reconstruction of past

Holocene environmental change in a montane region of southern Europe with a long history of human settlement

Late holocene environments in Las Tablas de Daimiel (south central Iberian peninsula, Spain)

The use of a high resolution pollen record in combination with geochemical data from sediments composed mainly of layers of charophytes alternating with layers of vegetal remains plus some detrital

Human Impact Since Medieval Times and Recent Ecological Restorationin a Mediterranean Lake: The Laguna Zoñar, Southern Spain

The multidisciplinary study of sediment cores from Laguna Zoñar (37°29′00′′ N, 4°41′22′′ W, 300 m a.s.l., Andalucía, Spain) provides a detailed record of environmental, climatic and anthropogenic

Mollusca stable isotope record of a core from Lake Frassino, northern Italy: hydrological and climatic changes during the last 14 ka

A core retrieved from Lake Frassino (northern Italy) provided evidence of palaeohydrological change in this area during the last 14 ka. Lithological, malacological and, in particular, stable isotope

Vegetation history of Lago Battaglia (eastern Gargano coast, Apulia, Italy) during the middle-late Holocene

A pollen and charcoal record from Gargano (southern Italy) provides new information on the vegetation history and environmental change in southern Italy during the middle to late Holocene. The