The ILO and the New ‘Common Sense’: Reflections on a Centenary

  title={The ILO and the New ‘Common Sense’: Reflections on a Centenary},
  author={Emilios A. Christodoulidis},
  • Emilios A. Christodoulidis
  • Published 2019
  • Political Science
  • Taking the cue from Alain Supiot’s important defence of the ‘spirit of Philadelphia’ the paper argues that the Philadelphia Declaration of 1944 renewed and deepened the commitments on which the ILO was set up in 1919, and seeks a firm theoretical footing in Supiot’s defence of the law’s ‘dogmatic’ foundations. It then goes on to track a double mutation, firstly away from political-constitutionalist protection of work toward a form of human rights protection, and secondly away from ‘hard… CONTINUE READING

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