The IHRA Definition of Antisemitism: Defining Antisemitism by Erasing Palestinians

  title={The IHRA Definition of Antisemitism: Defining Antisemitism by Erasing Palestinians},
  author={R. Gould},
  journal={The Political Quarterly},
  • R. Gould
  • Published 28 July 2020
  • Political Science
  • The Political Quarterly
The IHRA de fi nition is one of the most contentious documents in the history of efforts to combat antisemitism. Although it fi rst became well known in the UK as a result of disputes within the Labour Party, the de fi nition reaches well beyond that context, and has been adopted by universities, city councils, and governments. With its intensive focus on the critique of Israel as a marker of antisemitism, the IHRA de fi nition has been heavily implicated in the suppression of Israel-critical… 

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