The Hybrid Media System: Politics and Power

  title={The Hybrid Media System: Politics and Power},
  author={Andrew Chadwick},
‘There are only two types of media stories’, an experienced journalist once observed: ‘Isn’t it wonderful or isn’t it a shame?!’ The same goes for most analyses of the role of the media in contemporary politics, where authors also tend to take extreme positions. Some analysts claim that the ‘old’ media are disruptive and destructive forces in democracies (Flinders 2012), while others applaud and explore the ways in which the ‘new’ social media may help citizens and grassroots movements to exert… 

What Tahrir Square Has Done for Social Media: A 2012 Snapshot in the Struggle for Political Power in Egypt

This article identifies three key modes by which social media is being exploited to impact political power, and uncovers the salience of each of these through 2 years of multisited ethnographies and interviews.

Social Media as a New Source of Empowerment in Algeria

Media pluralism exists in Algeria in the official texts but in practice there is still a situation of disrespect for fundamental news values, media ethics and independence. The media have not

Legitimating a platform: evidence of journalists’ role in transferring authority to Twitter

ABSTRACT Studies suggest a growing interdependence between journalists and Twitter. What is behind this interdependence, and how does it manifest in news texts? We argue that social media platforms

Media Logic Revisited. The Concept of Social Media Logic as Alternative Framework to Study Politicians’ Usage of Social Media During Election Times

This study investigates two tendencies that characterize the transformation of political communication; i.e. mediatization and de-centralization. More specifically, we assess Flemish politicians’

Social media and the cordon sanitaire: Populist politics, the online space, and a relationship that just isn’t there

© John Benjamins Publishing Company. Much research has sought to map the spread of extreme and populist political ideologies across Western Europe. Despite this, it often fails to explain how these

From Media Systems to Media Cultures

The comparative study of media systems and their relationships with political systems has received a substantial amount of attention in recent years, and made significant strides in understanding the

Communication and Political Process

Talking about politics without considering its communicative dimension is no longer possible. The development of the mass media has had such a decisive impact on the dynamics of the political process

Agenda-setting revisited : Social media and sourcing in mainstream journalism

In political journalism, the battle over agenda-setting between journalists and their sources has been described using many metaphors and concepts. Herbert Gans saw it as a dance where the two

In Between Old and New, Local and Transnational: Social Movements, Hybrid Media and the Challenges of Making Memories Move

Social movement organisations (SMOs) remain under-examined in the burgeoning accounts of collective memory’s transnational movements. There is also an analytical neglect of the difficulties of making

The Power of Being Heard: How Claims Against Racism Are Constructed, Spread, and Listened to in a Hybrid Media Environment

  • Camilla Haavisto
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Racialization, Racism, and Anti-Racism in the Nordic Countries
  • 2018
The starting point for this chapter is that hybridization processes in contemporary media spheres, together with the growth of neo-conservative and xenophobic movements across Europe and a general



Social media and democracy : innovations in participatory politics

1. Introduction: Networking democracy? Social media innovations in participatory politics BRIAN D. LOADER and DAN MERCEA Part 1: Social Movements: Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Political

Defending Politics: Why Democracy Matters in the 21st Century