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The Hunt for Lost Blood: Nazi Germanization Policy in Occupied Europe

  title={The Hunt for Lost Blood: Nazi Germanization Policy in Occupied Europe},
  author={Bradley J. Nichols},

Different Shades of Hate: The Grey Zone between Offensive and Discriminatory Language in the Social Media Accounts of Flemish Politicians

The boundaries between discriminatory hate speech and offensive (yet legitimate) discourse in political language are vague. In this chapter, we investigate discursive patterns in the “grey zone”

Policy vs. reality: intimate contact in Nazi-occupied Latvia

ABSTRACT To better understand the contradictions between regulations and reality on consensual relations between German soldiers and Latvian women, this article investigates the development of Nazi



The History of Everyday Life: Reconstructing Historical Experiences and Ways of Life. Ed. by Alf Lüdtke. Transl. by William Templer. [Princeton Studies in Culture/Power/History.] Princeton University Press, Princeton 1995. xiii, 318 pp. $49.50; £37.30. (Paper: $18.95; £15.95.)

Alltagsgeschichte, or the history of everyday life, emerged during the 1980s as the most interesting new field among West German historians and, more recently, their East German colleagues. Partly in

Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine

On 16 July 1941, Adolf Hitler convened top Nazi leaders at his headquarters in East Prussia to dictate how they would rule the newly occupied eastern territories. Ukraine, the "jewel" in the Nazi

Explaining Forced Migration.

  • 2009