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The Hungarian Roma Population During the Last Half-Century

  title={The Hungarian Roma Population During the Last Half-Century},
  author={Ernő K{\'a}llai},
Before the 1944 German occupation, the majority of the some 200,000 Roma led a settled life and the various decrees about public order or epidemics aimed at their regulation only affected those who remained vagrants. Even though traditional Gypsy crafts began to gradually fade away during the era of the Dual Monarchy, the fast economic growth and liberalism of the age allowed the Roma to successfully find new livelihoods. Between the two world wars, however, the disappearance of traditional… 
The forced assimilation Gypsy policy in Socialist Hungary
Abstract:The aim of this study is to present the Hungarian Gypsy policies of the Socialist era based on sources from the archives, contemporary period studies written by clerks, and academic