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The Humanitarian Impact of Economic Sanctions

  title={The Humanitarian Impact of Economic Sanctions},
  author={Ioana Maria Petrescu},
Economic sanctions have the reputation of harming the population in the sanctioned countries. In this paper, I investigate under what circumstances such harm occurs and what is its magnitude. I estimate the impact of in utero exposure to sanctions episodes on infant weight, child height, and child mortality. Using a large child level data set from 69 countries, I …nd that being exposed to sanctions leads to lower infant weight and higher probability of death before age three. I …nd negative e… 
Migration and Economic Coercion
The dominant narrative on economic coercion focuses on institutional, cultural, and reputational factors to explain why some countries use economic sanctions as a foreign policy tool. In this
The Intergenerational E ects of Economic Sanctions∗
Economic sanctions have become the de ning foreign policy tool of the 21 century. While sanctions are successful in achieving political goals, can hurt the civilian population. A large literature has
An Investigation of Economic Sanctions and Its Implications for Africa
Economic sanctions are not only applied to countries in Africa by the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) but also by the African Union (AU) and the Economic
The Implications of Iran Sanctions on Civilian Mental Health and Quality of Life
In order to synchronize foreign policies of governments, firm actions in the form of economic sanctions have long been employed by western countries. Those countries that tend to have independent
Economic sanctions and child HIV.
  • Yiyeon Kim
  • Sociology
    The International journal of health planning and management
  • 2019
It is revealed that sanctions increase children's new HIV infection and their AIDS-related death rates and the leader in a country targeted by sanctions needs to consider extending programs to respond to children's HIV/AIDS both during sanctions and after it is lifted.
Empty cups? Assessing the impact of civil war violence on coffee farming in Burundi
This paper exploits exogenous variation in Burundi’s latest episode of civil war violence to estimate the causal impact of exposure to violence and the probability of growing coffee, some four
A comparative scoping review of the impact of international economic sanctions on education
  • Munyaradzi Hwami
  • Economics
    Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education
  • 2021
ABSTRACT While a lot of literature has debated the effectiveness of international economic sanctions on sanctioned countries, little is known about the state of research on the impact of economic
Unilateral coercive measures, IHL and impartial humanitarian action: An interview with Alena Douhan
Alena Douhan is the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on the Negative Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures on the Enjoyment of Human Rights. She was appointed to this position by the UN Human
Challenge of Politico-Economic Sanctions on Pharmaceutical Procurement in Iran: A Qualitative Study
The results revealed that pharmaceuticals are not immune to politico-economic sanctions, although they are not directly subjected to them, which could help policymakers find solutions to enhance PSC resilience in the future.
The United Nations Security Council Sanctions and International Human Rights
Abstract This article assesses whether the United Nations Security Council must respect human rights under international law when acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. It argues


The health impact of economic sanctions.
The ability to trade in exempted goods and services should be improved by establishing uniform criteria and definitions for exemptions, operational criteria under which sanctions committees might function, and methods for monitoring the impact of sanctions on civilian populations in targeted states, particularly with regard to water purity, food availability, and infectious-disease control.
Economic Sanctions and Public Health: A View from the Department of State
  • M. Albright
  • Political Science
    Annals of Internal Medicine
  • 2000
The Clinton Administration fully supports this goal and seeks a partnership with the public health community in making further progress toward it, and the United States has joined the United Nations and other concerned countries in exploring ways to preserve the effectiveness of sanctions while minimizing harm to innocent civilians.
The impact of economic sanctions on health and human rights in Haiti, 1991-1994.
The implementation of economic sanctions in Haiti resulted in extensive violations of rights; the impact was greatest on the most disadvantaged Haitians.
The Health Effects of Economic Sanctions and Embargoes: The Role of Health Professionals
It is suggested that specific humanitarian intervention aimed at eliminating economic sanctions could bring relief to vulnerable populations and the repercussions of economic sanctions imposed by other nations often result in a fundamental contravention of the spirit of the International Covenant.
The Impact and Effectiveness of Multilateral Economic Sanctions: A Comparative Study
This article examines differences in targeted and comprehensive multilateral sanction regimes in the post-Cold War era, and argues that targeted sanctions are more humane and effective than general
The effect of economic sanctions on the mortality of Iraqi children prior to the 1991 Persian Gulf War.
Innovative application of robust epidemiologic research tools can contribute to assessments of health and well-being even under the methodological and practical constraints of comprehensive economic sanctions, but more research is needed.
Civil War and Economic Sanctions: Analysis of Anthropometric Outcomes in Burundi
This paper investigates the impact of the latest civil war and the subsequent economic embargo in Burundi on the health status of the Burundese children. We find that the civil war and the economic
Effect of the U.S. Embargo and Economic Decline on Health in Cuba
  • M. Barry
  • Political Science, Medicine
    Annals of Internal Medicine
  • 2000
The effects of economic crisis and the U.S. embargo on the health of Cuba's 11 million citizens are described and personal reflections on the ways in which the health care system has deteriorated during years of progressive U.s. sanctions are included.
The impact of the economic crisis and the US embargo on health in Cuba.
This paper examines the combined effects of a severe economic decline since 1989 and a tightening of the US embargo in 1992 on health and health care in Cuba and finds that much of the health impact of the economic decline of Cuba has fallen on adult men and the elderly.
Civil War, Crop Failure, and the Health Status of Young Children
Economic shocks at birth have lasting impacts on children’s health several years after the shock. We calculate height for age z-scores for children under age five using data from a Rwandan nationally