The Human ar2-Macroglobulin Receptor Contains High Affinity Calcium Binding Sites Important for Receptor Conformation

  • Stiren K. MoestrupS, Keld KaltoftB, Lars Sottrup - Jensenli, Jergen Gliemanns
  • Published 2001


The receptor for cuz-macroglobulin-proteinase complexes &MR) was purified recently, and its binding of ligand was shown to depend on calcium ions (Moestrup, S. K., and Gliemann, J. (1989) J. Biol. Chem. 264, 155’74-155’77). This paper shows that the 440-kDa human placental azMR is a cysteine-rich glycoprotein with high affinity calcium binding sites… (More)


10 Figures and Tables

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