The Hox8 of the hemichordate Balanoglossus misakiensis

  title={The Hox8 of the hemichordate Balanoglossus misakiensis},
  author={Makoto Urata and Jun Tsuchimoto and Kinya Yasui and Masaaki Yamaguchi},
  journal={Development Genes and Evolution},
Deuterostomes comprise a monophyletic group of animals that include chordates, xenoturbellids, and the Ambulacraria, which consists of echinoderms and hemichordates. The ancestral chordate probably had 14 Hox genes aligned linearly along the chromosome, with the posterior six genes showing an independent duplication compared to protostomes. In contrast, ambulacrarians are characterized by a duplication of the posterior Hox genes, resulting in three genes known as Hox11/13a, Hox11/13b, and Hox11… CONTINUE READING

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