The Hot Inner Disk of Fu Ori

  title={The Hot Inner Disk of Fu Ori},
  author={Zhaohuan Zhu and Lee Hartmann and Nuria Calvet and Jes{\'u}s Hern{\'a}ndez and James C. Muzerolle and Ajay-Kumar Tannirkulam},
We have constructed a detailed radiative transfer disk model which reproduces the main features of the spectrum of the outbursting young stellar object FU Orionis from ∼ 4000 Å to ∼ 8μm. Using an estimated visual extinction AV ∼ 1.5, a steady disk model with a central star mass ∼ 0.3M⊙ and a mass accretion rate ∼ 2×10−4M⊙yr , we can reproduce the spectral… CONTINUE READING