[The Hospital Real de Todos-os-Santos and its healing agents].


The article explores the actions of king Dom João II (1481-1495), who spearheaded a major assistance reform in Portugal during the late fifteenth century, when charitable institutions were grappling with a serious crisis. The king and his queen, Dona Leonor, ordered two large, modern hospitals to be built, centralizing assistance work and cementing a new assistance model. Relying on chronicles and royal decrees from the period, the article focuses on the main hospital that was built then: Hospital Real de Todos-os-Santos, located in Lisbon. The king and queen also intervened heavily in the practice of health agents by regulating, overseeing, and inspecting the work of doctors and apothecaries.

DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59702015000400008

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@article{Silva2015TheHR, title={[The Hospital Real de Todos-os-Santos and its healing agents].}, author={Priscila Aquino Silva}, journal={Historia, ciencias, saude--Manguinhos}, year={2015}, volume={22 4}, pages={1335-52} }