The Homflypt skein module of a connected sum of 3-manifolds

  title={The Homflypt skein module of a connected sum of 3-manifolds},
  author={Patrick M. Gilmer and Jianyuan K. Zhong},
  journal={Algebraic \& Geometric Topology},
If M is an oriented 3-manifold, let S(M )d enote the Homf lypt skein module of M: We show that S (M 1#M 2) is isomorphic to S(M1) S(M2) modulo torsion. In fact, we show that S(M1#M2) is isomorphic to S(M1)S(M2) if we are working over a certain localized ring. We show the similar result holds for relative skein modules. If M contains a separating 2-sphere, we give conditions under which certain relative skein modules of M vanish over specied localized rings. 
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