The Homeodomain Resource: 2003 update

  title={The Homeodomain Resource: 2003 update},
  author={Sharmila Banerjee-Basu and R. Travis Moreland and Benjamin J. Hsu and Kenneth L. Trout and Andreas D. Baxevanis},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={31 1},
The Homeodomain Resource is a searchable, curated collection of information for the homeodomain protein family. The resource is organized in a compact form and provides user-friendly interfaces for both querying the component databases and assembling customized datasets. The current release (version 5.0, October 2002) contains 1056 full-length homeodomain-containing sequences, 37 experimentally-derived structures, 81 homeodomain interactions, 84 homeodomain DNA-binding sites and 114 homeodomain… CONTINUE READING