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The Holy Qurʾān : text, translation and commentary

  title={The Holy Qurʾān : text, translation and commentary},
  author={Abdullah yusuf Ali},

The Paradoxical Use of the Term Sulh: An Analytical Study from Quranic Perspective

Dispute resolution systems are broadly divided into two sides namely Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDRS) and Non-Judicial Dispute Resolution Systems (NJDRS). The first one is more formal, and the

The insight of domestic violence from the perspective of female victims in Ebiraland, Nigeria

Domestic violence has been recognised as a global social problem and serious human rights violation. Literature has indicated harmful effects of violence on women, children, and the society in

FitzGerald or Fitz-Omar: Ideological Reconsideration of the English Translation of Khayyam’s Rubaiyat

The present study attempted to examine whether Edward Fitzgerald’s English translation of Khayyam’s Rubaiyat is effective in doing justice to the true philosophical/ideological image of Khayyam and

Concept and Guidelines of Consuming Halal-Tayyiban Food from Islamic and Health Perspectives: A Meaningful Lesson from COVID-19 Outbreak

The concept and guidelines of consuming halal-tayyiban food following the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic are reported on and the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle with an ideal selection of food to maintain a good immune system and preventing from harmful diseases is highlighted.

Politics of Metaphor Translation in the Holy Quran: (Surah Al Imran as a Case Study)

In this study, the researcher discusses the translation strategies of metaphors in the Holy Quran; Surah Al Imran as a sample using the translated version into English by Yusuf Ali. Metaphor is an

Investigating the Role of Translation in the Construction of the Public Narrative of Islamophobia in American Far-Right Media

The occurrence of the 9/11 attacks marked the sharp rise of the public narrative of Islamophobia in the US and the West. This backlash against Islam and Muslims came about as a consequence of a media

Translating Metonymic Expressions Related to Coitus in the Prophetic Tradition into English

The study aims at investigating coitus-related metonymies through the analysis of different authentic Prophetic hadiths (ahadith sahiha) within the framework of rhetoric and cognition. It also aims

Translating Mental Tropes Related to Active andPassive Participles: Syntactic Twisting andSemantic Exclusivity

This paper endeavors to promote research into the under-explored field of mental tropes by investigating the translatability of two intriguing types: the active participle and the passive participle.

American Converts to Islam, Post-Conversion Experiences Post 9/11

American converts to Islam and their post-conversion experiences do not attract the attention of many researchers and policy makers in the United States. They have been understudied or overlooked as

Translating Denotative Meaning in the Holy Quran : Problems and Solutions

This article reports the findings of a research that aimed basically at examining the loss in denotative meaning in the translation of the Holy Quran, and how these losses can be reduced. It also