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The Holiday Syndrome : Who Exactly Came Up With the Idea of Those Christmas Blues ?

  title={The Holiday Syndrome : Who Exactly Came Up With the Idea of Those Christmas Blues ?},
  author={Olga Khazan},
That time of year has once again arrived: the “holiday season,” which includes all the gatherings and festivities associated with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year. And with it invariably comes admonitions to avoid drinking and driving as well as tips to refrain from over-eating. Along with these public health messages, it has become an annual rite for media outlets to warn of the peculiar mental health dangers posed by the holidays. Loneliness for some and stress associated… 


The christmas effect on psychopathology.
Findings suggest that the general mood of individuals may worsen and the number of alcohol-related fatalities may increase around the Christmas holiday; however, overall utilization patterns by psychiatric patients in emergency rooms and in inpatient wards is lower as is the prevalence of self-harm behavior and suicide attempts/completions.
Christmas and psychopathology. Data from a psychiatric emergency room population.
There is a decrease in the number of visits during the days and weeks before Christmas and an increase of roughly the same magnitude afterward, which is more prominent for women and older persons but does not seem to differentially affect persons of different racial, marital, or diagnostic status.
The rise of statistical thinking, 1820-1900
Emphasizing the debt of science to nonspecialist intellectuals, Theodore Porter describes in detail the nineteenth-century background that produced the burst of modern statistical innovation of the
Further Contributions to the Theory and Technique of Psycho-analysis
Further contributions to the theory and technique of psycho analysis maresfield library PDF is available at the online library.
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