The History of the Unified Command Plan, 1946 - 1993

  title={The History of the Unified Command Plan, 1946 - 1993},
  author={Ronald H. Cole and Walter S. Poole and James F. Schnabel and Robert J. Watson and Willard J. Webb},
Abstract : The History of the Unified Command Plan, 1946-1993, covers the formulation of the plan, modifications, and periodic revisions. This volume is a compilation of three separate histories which were originally classified. The section describing the development of the Unified Command Plan between 1946 and 1977 was written by Dr. Robert J. Watson, Mr. James F. Schnabel, and Mr. Willard J. Webb and first published in declassified form in the late 1980s. The section covering the period from… 
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State of the Union Address
A television system in which, at both the transmitting end and the receiving end, the picture is scanned by an undulating scanning beam which during each horizontal scanning period scans picture
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We provide existence results for equilibria of games where players employ abstract (non-binary) choice rules. Such results are shown to encompass as a relevant instance that of games where players
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