The History of the Solution of the Cubic Equation

  title={The History of the Solution of the Cubic Equation},
  author={Lucye Guilbeau}
On Structured System Identification and Nonparametric Frequency Response Estimation
  • P. Hägg
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2014
This thesis presents a novel signal generation method, called the Transient and Impulse Response Modeling Method (TRIMM), which is inspired by the local polynomial method, but uses more information about the known structure of the leakage error in the estimation of the frequency response.
Time-domain study of the synchrotron radiation emitted from electron beams in plasma focusing channels
This paper sheds light on the time structure of betatron radiation, emitted by electrons that undergo betatron oscillations as they accelerate under the action of plasma wakefields. It is a common
J an 2 02 2 The solutions to single-variable polynomials , implemented and verified in Lean An experience report on learning how to use a computer proof assistant
This work describes the learning experience of a starting Lean user, including a detailed comparison between the authors' work in Lean and very closely related work in Coq, and describes the solutions of quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomials over certain fields.
QoS-Aware Dynamic Cost Management Scheme for Sensors-as-a-Service
A QoS-aware dynamic cost management scheme, named QUEST, is proposed to determine the optimal strategies of the various actors in sensor-cloud market and ensures the service satisfaction of the end-users while optimally distributing the services among the SCSPs and the sensor-owners.
Exploring the Geometry of One-Dimensional Signals
This paper develops a robust algorithm to retrieve the sampling trajectory and estimate the laminar image that underlies the 1D samples and obtains predictive results that quantify the accuracy with which the frequencies found can be used to estimate the slope of the sampled trajectory.
De Diophanto a Mordell – um breve relato sobre mais um grande enigma da Teoria dos Números
O presente artigo se refere à exposição de um relato sem o rigor dos métodos utilizados em temas sobre História da Matemática e tem o objetivo de apresentar um caso da Teoria dos Números e seu
Encounters with Cardano’s Method
Many people, including ourselves, have been intrigued when first introduced to a story of inventing a formula for solving cubic equations. We invite the reader to recall a sixteenth-century story, in
Flow Dynamics of PTT and FENE-P Viscoelastic Fluids in Circular and Flat Ducts: An Analytical Study
The main aim of this research work is to establish, under fully developed conditions, an analytical solution for viscoelastic fluids flow obeying the constitutive Phan–Thien–Tanner (PTT) and Finely
On Taylor series of zeros of complex-exponent polynomials
We prove a factorization formula for the Taylor series coefficients of a zero of a polynomial as a function of the polynomial’s coefficients. This result extends to more general functions which we