The History of the Church from 1300 to 1648: A Survey of Research, 1955–1960

  title={The History of the Church from 1300 to 1648: A Survey of Research, 1955–1960},
  author={Edward D. McShane},
  journal={Theological Studies},
  pages={59 - 85}
Three and a half centuries of the life of the Church are contained within the terminal points of this survey, extending as it does from the Great Jubilee of Boniface VIII up to the fateful Peace of Westphalia. They record a story of growth and change in which the feudal concept of respublica Christiana that had been a principle of cohesion during the Middle Ages now begins to cede dominance to new political theories, the appearance of neoclassic humanism, a religious fragmentation following… 


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